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The mission of the ProfessionalChess Club is to research the benefits of chess, to teach the art and science of chess to its students by providing them with expert instruction, and to organize opportunities to hone their skills. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, participation in tournaments, matches, camps, exhibitions, tours, and access to lectures, newsletters, magazines, books, and classes.


The PROFESSIONAL CHESS CLUB meets every week from 7:30 PM-10 P.M. at the Antony Convention CENTER. Membership is FREE and open to players 10 to adult, beginner to master. We are a Indian CHESS FEDERATION affiliated club and we run USCF rated events. Professional instruction is available from MASTER LORAND BELA KIS.

Exeter High School is Berks County Champion four years running and one of the top teams in the state. If you would like to hone your skills,this is the place to be!

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66F Naika Street
Gurgaon New Delhi
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+91 (91) 55-5555
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Why I would enjoy being your Chess Instructor?

     If you are a person who really want to improve chess understanding, who is ready to work seriously and hard, then I will be pleased to work with you.
     Just let me remind that success is 1% of natural talents and 99% of hard work. But, this work must be guided by an experienced chess coach. I've worked with one of the best trainer on ICC at the moment,International Master, "Lazypawn".
     I became a National Chess Master myself after passing all stages on the way, so I know all difficulties and everything one needs in order to grow in chess. It's not an easy way, but if you succeed (and their is no way you won't, if you really want it), then chess makes you the happiest one in the world. Remember - the work on chess always pays you back.
     Most difficult is to choose the right way to work, and that's why I can be there for you in order to help.


“My Cognitive skills has improved a lot after I started playing Chess"
— Rutherscord
“My FIDE rating was 1340 when I joined and now I'm 1890 rated player.”

— Siddharth
“I never knew Chess would have helped me to be a better thinker.”

—Arun K

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